Q4 2023 Publications

by | Dec 13, 2023


Global PR:

Adrian Wee Publishes with Channel News Asia on “What is money laundering and why does it involve luxury cars, watches and bags?”  https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/money-laundering-singapore-foreigners-arrested-1-billion-properties-cars-watches-bags-liquor-3705341

Ivan Lau De Leon publishes with International Investment Magazine on “ Unlocking the doors to Panama’s golden visa scheme” https://www.internationalinvestment.net/news/4122360/unlocking-doors-panamas-golden-visa-scheme

Adrian Wee publishes with Channel News Asia on “Why do criminals use Telegram?” https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/cna-explains-telegram-hotbed-crimes-illegal-drug-sex-scams-money-mule-messaging-app-3831801

Suzanne Natbony publishes with California Academy of Physician Associates Magazine : https://www.capanet.org/capa-magazine/

Andrea Maura publishes with European Business Review on “ Unlocking the Potential of Data: The European Data Governance Act” https://www.europeanbusinessreview.com/unlocking-the-potential-of-data-the-european-data-governance-act/

Akos Menyhei publishes with WealthBriefing News on “Hungary Offers Alternative Structures To Trusts Beset By Greater Transparency” https://www.wealthbriefing.com/html/article.php?id=199643

WealthBriefing News released a press release on Aliant Hungary “Law Firm Hails Hungarian Family Offices Launch, Says More To Come” https://wealthbriefing.com/html/article.php?id=199579

Jacob Stein published with Daily Journal on “ The Evolution of Distributed Law Firms” https://www.dailyjournal.com/articles/369921-recession-forces-many-business-owners-to-consider-asset-protection

Daily Journal and Attorney-At-Law released a press release on Aliant expanding in the USA : https://www.dailyjournal.com/articles/375786-eu-firm-opens-first-us-office-in-los-angeles

Juve.de Magazine released a press release on STENGER RECHTSANWÄLTE joining Aliant. https://www.juve.de/markt-und-management/hamburger-kanzlei-stenger-wird-aliant-mitglied/

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