Q4 2023 Global Office Updates

by | Dec 13, 2023


Aliant Austria’s real estate team celebrates the successful completion of the purchase of a renowned hotel complex in the Austrian thermal spa region in the firm’s own in-house bar. Under the leadership of Friedrich Helml and Ludwig Helml, ALIANT Austria advised the buyer, performed the legal DD, prepared the contractual documentation, chaired the contract negotiations and handled the transaction both as trustee and with regard to the entries in the commercial register and the land register. The transaction involved a complex compensation structure that provides for one-off payments and long-term reciprocal services. The team of ALIANT Austria also took care of the tax classification (especially real estate income tax and real estate transfer tax), the self-calculations of taxes and duties, as well as their registration. Afterwards, the ALIANT Austria team popped the corks, in keeping with the motto: after a successful day’s work, there should be no shortage of fun.



On 7 December, Managing Partner, Tuomo Kauttu had the honor of lecturing as a guest speaker at Aalto University School of Business, International Business Program as part of their Introduction to Business Law Course.



STEP Europe Conference in Budapest

The highly anticipated STEP Europe Conference, held on October 12-13 in Budapest, successfully delved into the pressing issues of wealth management and estate planning. Under the theme, “Wealth management and estate planning: new challenges, new toolkit,” this event brought together esteemed professionals from across Europe and around the world.

Among the distinguished presenters, two colleagues from the Hungarian office of Aliant-Menyhei-Molnár-B. Szabó took center stage. Dr Menyhei shared insights on “The Hungarian asset management foundation and the hybrid trust – key pillars for Hungarian family offices.” His presentation explored innovative strategies and key components essential for navigating the evolving landscape of wealth management in Hungary.

Dr B. Szabó tackled the topic of “Increasing Compliance Burdens” while posing the thought-provoking question, “Is The Abnormal the New Normal?” With a focus on compliance challenges, Dr B. Szabó shed light on the ever-changing regulatory environment and how professionals in the field can adapt.

The STEP Europe Conference in Budapest served as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and addressing critical issues in the realm of wealth management and estate planning. The participation of Aliant-Menyhei-Molnár-B. Szabó’s experts not only enriched the conference but also highlighted Hungary’s growing significance in the global landscape.

Chambers & Partners ranked dr Ákos Menyhei as first-rate High Net Worth (HNW) advisor for the seventh consecutive years. We take immense pride in the recognition received by Dr. Menyhei, as it reaffirms our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.

The third edition of “A Bizalmi vagyonkezelés” (Fiduciary asset management) has been published by the ORAC publishing house.



Aliant Legal Grounds Welcomes a New Lawyer: Marina Bernardi. Read more about Marina here.



  • Aliant Netherlands and Aliant France are working for a Dutch client on a French bankruptcy and potential director’s liability.
  • Aliant U.S.A of Council ( Timothy Mills) and Aliant Netherlands exploring possibilities on cooperating in a cross-border fraud case.
  • Aliant U.S.A of Council ( Michael Bono) and Aliant Netherlands cooperated for a U.S client on the bona fide status of a Dutch company.
  • Aliant Netherlands has referred Aliant Germany  to a US jurisdiction for data breach regarding a European airline.
    Peter Kostons from Aliant Netherlands will retire this month. Let’s wish him well in his retirement!


  • Our office celebrated the holiday spirit with a joyful Christmas gathering on December 7th at a local restaurant. Prior to the festivities, we engaged in a lively gift exchange, adding an element of excitement as everyone drew names and exchanged thoughtful presents. The evening continued with shared meals, fostering a warm and festive atmosphere as we came together to celebrate the season. The camaraderie and laughter shared during the event truly made it a special and memorable occasion for everyone.
  • We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our legal team – Przemysław Mańke, who has joined our office as an of Counsel attorney. Mr. Mańke brings a wealth of experience and expertise in civil law, criminal law, and employment law. With a experience in handling complex legal matters, he is a valuable asset to our firm. We look forward to a successful collaboration with Mr. Mańke and are confident that his skills and dedication will significantly contribute to the continued success and growth of our firm. Please join us in welcoming Przemysław Mańke to our team.
  • Over the past week, our law firm, in collaboration with legal teams from various countries including China, Brazil, and the Netherlands, has been actively involved in conducting due diligence for a global capital group. This international collaboration has brought together legal experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise to thoroughly assess and evaluate the legal aspects ofcthe capital group’s operations in certain industry. The due diligence process has encompassed a comprehensive review of contracts, compliance issues, regulatory frameworks, and potential legal risks associated with processing business. As we navigate through this due diligence process, our goal is to provide our client with a comprehensive legal overview, enabling them to make informed decisions and mitigate any potential legal challenges associated with their capital group’s activities in their sector. The collaboration with international legal teams underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality legal services on a global scale.



United States

  • We’re proud to announce our collaborative initiatives extending to Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Cyprus, China, and Hungary. Together, we’re forging new pathways and engaging in impactful projects that transcend borders, reflecting our dedication to global partnerships and innovation.
  • We’re excited to share that we have added a new partner to the U.S. office. AJ has practiced law and consulting for businesses and individuals for almost 30 years in areas ranging from small startups to growth organizations, fund managers, and even individual entertainment talent. Learn more about AJ here.
  • Join us in congratulating Head of U.S. Practice and Private Client Practice Chair, Jacob Stein on being granted the internationally recognized TEP designation. With this designation, Jacob joins an elite group of over 22,000 lawyers, accountants, trustees and other practitioners across the world in 100 different countries.


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