Welcome to Aliant

This page is here to help you get started smoothly and ensure you get the most of out of Aliant. Follow the steps below to access the resources and tools you’ll need. We’re here to support you every step of the way as you integrate into our community.

Step 1:

Complete the New Attorney Profile Form

To initiate the onboarding process, new attorneys must complete a comprehensive profile form. This form gathers essential information to create an attorney profile and assign them to the relevant practice area groups within the firm.

Step 2:

Subscribe to the events calendar

Stay informed about meetings and events by subscribing to our calendar. Staying engaged with our network’s activities is crucial for maximizing your membership benefits and building valuable connections.

Step 3:

Join the Aliant WhatsApp Community

Get real-time updates, net, and collaborate within our global community by joining our WhatsApp group–our main channel of direct communication.  Download WhatsApp: Apple | Android

Step 4:

Connect and Engage on LinkedIn

Follow our LinkedIn page, add us to your work history, and actively engage with our posts by commenting and sharing.

STEP 5: Get Involved

Active engagement helps you build valuable connections, share knowledge, and grow within our global network. Participating in practice area groups, attending meetings, and collaborating with colleagues will maximize your opportunities for success.

For any questions or issues completing the steps, please contact us directly at marketing@aliantlaw.com.