Aliant Q2 2023 Office Updates

by | Jun 12, 2023

From new business to new additions, Aliant offices across the globe are certainly busy! Check out recent news from some of our offices:


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We are thrilled to share some great news with the Aliant community! Our Aliant-Hungary office is expanding and welcoming two highly esteemed lawyers to its team. Dr Gabor B. Szabó and Dr Gergo Molnar, renowned experts in their respective fields, will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our firm.

Dr Gabor B. Szabó is a dedicated legal professional with an impressive track record spanning over 30 years. As a member of STEP, he has been providing tailored fiduciary services to high-net-worth families and individuals worldwide. His expertise lies in privacy protection, wealth and asset management, and tax planning. Throughout his career, he has amassed extensive international experience and a deep understanding of privacy protection, making him a staunch supporter of safeguarding individuals’ confidential information.

Joining Dr B. Szabó is Dr Gergo Molnar, a distinguished specialist in business law. With several years of experience in banking law, company law, and trademark law, Dr Molnar brings comprehensive knowledge and expertise to the Aliant-Hungary team. His proficiency in these specialized areas will further strengthen our firm’s capabilities and allow us to better serve our clients’ needs.


Congratulations to Andrea Maura (Aliant Legal Grounds) on the recent recognition as a Top 15  Italian Influencers to Follow for Staying Up-to-Date on Insurance Innovation.


Mergers & Acquisitions – At the end of 2023/ Q2, Aliant Nigeria concluded advisory on an internal restructuring transaction for a major Nigerian/South East Asian conglomerate. The intra-group transaction involved the group’s Nigerian food processing and manufacturing subsidiaries with a combined balance sheet of over NGN100B (around USD200M). The restructure was specifically aimed at diversifying the acquiring company’s business portfolio and facilitating its consolidated financial strength. Our role as advisors involved reviewing the applicable competition laws in Nigeria (to wit: Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2018; the FCCPC Merger Review Regulations 2020; the FCCPC Merger Review Guidelines 2020; and Notice of Threshold for Merger Notification 2019) and advising on the propriety or otherwise of a merger notification to the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. Based on the peculiarities of the Group and our review of the extant laws, we advised that internal restructuring in the instance did not constitute a ‘relevant merger’ situation. Our accepted approach saved on turnaround time and expenses. In addition, we prepared, filed, and argued necessary applications for convening court-ordered meetings and sanctioning the acquisition in the Federal High Court.

Cross-Border Employment – In addition to the above, Aliant Nigeria is also pursuing a cross-border labour/employment matter on behalf of a client. Our client’s former employers and now adversary are a Nigerian human resource consultancy company and its subsidiary in Kenya.  Our client worked for a cumulative period of 17 years in both countries and resigned in accordance with the terms of her employment contract. Upon resignation, the companies were and have remained indebted to our client up to the sum of USD150,000 in unpaid renumeration. We also discovered for our client that taxes and pension deductions from her monthly emoluments had not been faithfully remitted to the appropriate authorities. We have advised in untangling the cross between Nigerian and Kenya laws and employment codes and have settled a petition to be heard before the National Industrial Court. We shall in subsequent newsletters give an update on the status of the court proceedings.


We are happy to announce that Mrs. Paulina Kwiatkowska passed the bar exam. The educational path up to that point included 5 years of law studies and 4 years of advocate training. We are proud of our friend. Ms. Paulina Kwiatkowska specializes in corporate, IP and criminal matters, including cases involving international clients.

We also congratulate Mrs. Aleksandra Kujawa – Szymańska and Mrs. Karina Gielnik on the birth of their children.

The procedure of obtaining an exemption from the obligation to take the SQE2 exam in Great Britain for all Polish advocates was successfully completed. On behalf of the Polish Bar Council, the procedure of excluding Polish advocates from this obligation was initiated by advocate Małgorzata Krzyżowska.

On behalf of the Polish Bar Council, advocate Małgorzata Krzyżowska participates in the Congress of the Federation des Barreaux D’Europe, which is held on June 15-17 in Amsterdam. The theme of the Congress, attended by representatives of European Bars, will be “New Ethical Dilemmas, a roadblock to access to the rule of law.

In courts in Poland, more and more often hearings are held remotely, and often also by correspondence by sending questions to witnesses and answers in writing.

United States

Congratulations to Jacob Stein, Managing Partner, U.S. for being granted the internationally recognized TEP designation and joining an elite group of over 22,000 lawyers, accountants, trustees and other practitioners across the world in 100 different countries. Learn more about TEP:

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